The Unstructured Testing Technique to find Loopholes

Ad Hoc testing is performed when a deadline is a limited and insufficient time to undertake exhaustive testing. In this testing technique, no documentation, no test design, or no test case is required.

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Our Strategies


Monkey Testing

Monkey testing depends on the tester’s ability to test the system without any predestined techniques. It has a haphazard approach where a tester gives input and examines the corresponding output.


Buddy Testing

Once the unit testing has been achieved, a developer, tester, and maybe one or two more individuals brainstorm and share their expertise, which empowers them to look into the system with a more comprehensive perspective. They ‘buddy’ and work collectively on creating accurate test cases to limit unmissed errors.


Pair Testing

Pair Testing is limited to just two people and has the same goal as Buddy Testing. According to their expertise and experience, the testers work unitedly to analyze the system for defects.

Advantages of Ad Hoc Testing

  • An untypical approach to quality verification that assists in detecting a more significant number of bugs compared to traditional testing.
  • Apart from testers, developers too can perform Ad Hoc testing.
  • It does not require documentation.
  • Ad Hoc testing has no formal procedure.
  • Ad Hoc testing can be executed at any stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Recommend multiple Ad Hoc test sessions
  • Identify complex bugs and support decision-making for release.
  • Our dedicated team performs real-time conclusions and is an expert specialized in failure detection.

Why AANSEACORE for Ad Hoc Testing?


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Ad Hoc is one testing technique that promises to cater to and serve a tester’s creativity to the maximum. With the help of Ad-hoc testing, we help companies check for the completeness of testing and determine major bugs than planned testing.

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