Providing Localization Testing Services for Global Users

The localization process aims at making websites, applications, and software culturally & linguistically suitable.

AANSEACORE gives companies access to a skillful community of QA testers enthusiastic about every phase of testing. We are dedicated to delivering successful software by improving its potential and capability to integrate with any cultural aspect and native language. Our team’s efforts are aligned to cater to faultless localization testing services for web, mobile, and software.

We help you target markets worldwide and provide a state-of-the-art user experience with our in-house qualified and talented testers who work round-the-clock to meet the demands of our global clients.

The Various Testing Services we Offer


Our Methodology

Globalization Test Methodology

  • Creation of test and optimization plan
  • Test Design
  • Pseudo localization testing leveraging existing checklists
  • Defect Management
  • Framework Design

Localization Test Methodology

  • Machine setup using our localization test infrastructure
  • Best practices
  • Optimization plan to cover various platforms and languages
  • Framework driven test automation
  • Test execution and defect management

Linguistic Test Methodology

  • Manage screenshots through index HTML files to support linguistic teams
  • Linguistic checks as part of UI testing
  • Linguistic testing using translators & prebuilt translator engines

Our Testing Process


Advantages of Localization Testing Services

  • Region-wise Frameworks
  • Certified Localization Testers with Linguistic experts
  • Well-Designed Testing plan and Client interaction
  • Standard Testing Process
  • Localization with globalization for Mobile & Web apps
  • Real-Life Test Conditions

Why AANSEACORE for Localization Testing?

  • Veteran community of testers to perform comprehensive testing
  • Optimized approach for maximum coverage
  • Team of Experts to perform testing on web and mobile apps
  • In-house and remote testers
  • Budget-friendly services
  • No compromise on work quality
  • Round-the-clock support for you to meet deadlines
  • Up-to-date testing lab

You can rely on our dexterous team of experts who constantly find innovative ways to help you get a bug-free application.

Get in touch with our QA Expert Specialists if you have questions about our services.